Kementari Microchipping Services



We have during our years of dog breeding liked to ensure that all our dogs are microchipped, DNA profiled and easily identifiable and traceable should anything go awry.

We therefore decided to begin microchipping our own dogs and my daughter and I took a course offered by PetDetect and duly passed the course.

We will always do our best to fit in with you to ensure you will have a satisfactory service.

Things to be aware of:-

  • Some dogs suffer from Von Willebrand disease (a common hereditary coagulation abnormality, it  can also be acquired as a result of other medical conditions).  This can mean that they may as a result of being microchipped have a wound that seeps slowly.
  • Some dogs will cry and be distressed (this usually will only last a few moments) and this is not something to worry about
  • Only healthy dogs should be microchipped.  If your dog is unwell then we cant microchip your pet


                                                                  Tel:  07532 203 231



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