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The cost of microchipping is dependant on the number of dogs and also the distance travelled.

If you live within 10 mile radius there is no charge for mileage.

There is a reduction for several animals who are microchipped at the same time. 

We can make a block booking in the case of dog clubs/organisations.  However, we would have to have a firm date and an idea of numbers.  A deposit may be necessary if a large number of animals are to be micro chipped at the same time.

 We are qualified to microchip dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets.  We have undergone Government approved training to become qualified microchippers.

Usual cost is £15 per animal

For an estimate or quote please email

You can expect to pay anywhere between £20-30 at your local vet.

[email protected] 

Tel:  07532 203231