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Pet-Detect Microchips



The 'Microchip' is a very small computer chip containing a unique ID number which is encased in biocompatible glass and is is 2.12mm by 11.5mm

The chip or transponder contains a unique 15 digit number.  The first 3 number identify the manufacturer and conforms (in Europe) to ISO standard.

The number is read by a scanner.  The scanner we use is the only scanner which currently can read all microchips the:-

detect-a-chip - Universal Scanner - Reads ALL known microchips

All Pet-Detect chip are all registered with Petlog which is the UK official database run by the Kennel Club.  The telephone number is 0870 6066 751 available 24/7.

Part of the fee paid for the microchip gives LIFE-LONG registration of your pet. This service is used regularly by dog wardens, vets, police, rescues etc. A 'back-tracking' system is also operated which means that if the microchip number has not been registered with Petlog, pet-detect® can track down the microchip number through the purchaser of the chips.  The microchipper will be able to check their records to ascertain the owner of the pet.

Petlog is a part of EuroPetNet. EuroPetNet which connects several European databases together - so even if your pet is lost whilst you're on holiday in any European country, you still have a good chance of being reunited with it. This service is also included in the Petlog registration fee. The other databases may not be a signatory to EuroPetNet.

A further source of linking world-wide databases can be found at and is a FREE on-line microchip DATABASE LOCATOR - just type in the microchip number and it will show you the name and contact number of the database that particular microchip is registered with.