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Why You Should Microchip your Pet



Why should I Microchip my dog?  It is now a LEGAL requirement to microchip all dogs.

Implantation of an electronic microchip under the skin has become recognised as the most secure and reliable way to identify an individual animal. Implantation is quick and virtually painless, registration is cheap.  There is no scarring or disfigurement, and it cannot be removed or tampered with. We wholeheartedly recommend microchip identification for all dogs, cats and rabbits, and any other valuable animal. 

If you intend to take your pet abroad, you need a Pet Passport*** and one of the requirements is a microchip.  It should also be remembered that even if you do not intend to go abroad it is important as most local animal wardens, rescue centres, Police, RSPCA, Dogs Trust  are part of the 'circle' of organisations who use scanners to reunite pets with their owners. 

All Guide Dogs are now chipped and many other dogs used by organisations.  It is likely that Kennel Club registration will also require micro chipping.

Anyone wishing to show their dogs held under Kennel Club Rules will have to have their dogs micro chipped.

Why a microchip and not a tag or tattoo.  In the case of a tag they can often be lost  or deliberately removed by a thief.  If the animal is found there is no point of contact for anyone finding the Pet.  Tattoos are painful and may also fade.

If your dog is not chipped a thief could steal your dog and then have it chipped and registered in their name.  This could make it appear that they are then the legal owner and they could sell your pet on to an innocent third party. 

When to Microchip your Pet

When is the best time to microchip your Pet?  Your pet should be 8-10 weeks of age.  In the case of small breeds of dogs, ferrets, rabbits and even kittens it is often better to wait until they are 10-12 weeks.

In a very small animal their skin may be more sensitive and there is a much smaller area in which to place a microchip.  Rabbits in particular have very tough skin. 

Other Legal Requirements

In the case of dogs it is a legal requirement that they wear a collar with a tag.  The tag should have the the owner's name and address.  It is also a Legal Requirement to keep the address details of the owner up to date. Failure to do so could mean the owner faces a fine of up to £500.  

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